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Who we are

Who We Are

Thema Srl – Thema Nuovi Mondi Srl was created in 1987 in Milan as a Marketing, PR and Press Office company for the international tourism, operating in the Italian Market for the leisure & business travel. TNM (Thema Nuovi Mondi) works in Italy and abroad via associated partner offices, for the strategic marketing, PR and communication programs development.
The company is based in Milan.

Owners of TNM are: Dr.Maria Olga Mazzoni, President – Mario Boveri, General Manager

How we work

TNM is a small dinamic, efficient and innovative company that studies, organizes and manages single projects related to the tourism promotion in the international arena, both for Italian and foreign clients, in the private as well as in the public sectors.

Our team has acquired a solid experience with accountable results: from the positioning of a brand to the improvement of the tourism traffic; from product  to  niche markets development, up to increasing contacts and visits in websites.

Our experience and our ongoing commitment provide us elements to understand how Italian B2B and B2C tourism moves ahead.

Our projects are designed and personalized for each of our clients, and are highly interactive and creative. Are thought to meet specific objectives to be measured with achieved results.

One of our strenghts is the capability to relate to distinct partners available in the market-place: airports, transportation companies, education institutions, corporations and/or companies representing a consumer minded tourism product – for instance – building-up alliances and partnerships able to produce equal satisfactory results for the parties and the best return of investments.

What distinguish us is the reliability and diligence in the personalized work that we set up and finalize for each of our clients, in times and manners that preserve quality and immediate usability. Competence, diplomacy, knowledge of our sector, effectiveness and efficiency are our motto.

For all these reasons, our ambition rather than to expand our company is focused to further improve our work in synchronicity with the needs of our clients and of the times, for a common positive growth !

Scope of our Work

Our work integrates marketing and communication, offline and online, to better activate the tourism promotion in following fields:

  • A specific tourism product
  • A collection of tourism products of a particular area or of a country/destination
  • A tourism destination in its entirity
  • An historic, artistic, culinary and cultural event complementing and sustaining the tourism economy at national and/or international level.
  • One or several receptive infrastructures: hotels, bed & breakfast, relais, congress centers, events or exhibition facilities etc.
  • Tourism trails: byways, circuits etc.
  • Fairs, conventions and meetings integrating within a wider tourism system.
  • Solve and manage unforeseen crisis situations.


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Thema Srl
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20129 Milano

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