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I am pleased to recommend the tourism marketing abilities of Thema Nuovi Mondi srl to destinations seeking professional representation in the Italian market.
RMI has worked with Thema for 14 years upon our entrance into the market. After interviewing many firms, we chose Thema for their experience, background, integrity, and creative approach to a difficult and sometimes volatile market. We have been extremely pleased with our decision, and saw an immediate explosion of regional product available by tour operators in Italy as well as unprecedented media exposure.
In our experience, Thema provides an almost instant entrée to the Italian market because of their connections and reputation. I can’t imagine such quick results occurring with another representative company.
I wholeheartedly recommend Thema for Italian tourism market representation.

Chuck Box,
former CEO –Rocky Mountain International – Cheyenne, WY-USA

Wyoming’s marketing investment in Italy is successful due to our association with Thema Nuovi Mondi. They have a proven track record of product development, and produce high-quality media interest for Wyoming, year after year. We thank the talented and dedicated staff for their passionate approach to our destination. Nobody does it better than Thema Nuovi Mondi!
Rita Greene Bellardo
former Manager, Travel Trade Marketing
Wyoming Travel & Tourism

You have done an amazing job with the Italian market, with very little money, and have a dedication that is exemplary. In my opinion, no other international office puts in the effort that this office does.
Luana Wheatley
Director of Communication
US Virgin Islands Division of Tourism

Dear Olga, Your preparation and implementation for the sales calls was stellar. Everyone knows you….and respects how you understand the USA and Italian travelers….the best in the business, I am sure. But, it was eye-opening to have your interpretation and “selling” of Denver to the trade, as well as journalists. Your powerpoint, after finding just the right photos, your ability to get meetings with the key trade for our region and Denver as the gateway was amazing, given the timing of the mission around TTG.I was so very impressed with how you approached this project….proactive, creative, organized and strategic to better position Denver and educate key people in the Italian travel industry. Building relationships is so very important, and you made that possible for Denver and for me personally. Lastly, there is no one who has more passion for her job and in each moment, you were truly passionate and sincere in your conversations with clients and journalists. The entire team at Thema is amazing and dedicated to their clients. You and your team are so very important to all of us selling the USA in what is a competitive and giant world of possibilities for Italian travelers. Your experience, knowledge of the people and the places in America….and your attention to details that make all the difference, made the time I spent in Italy this year more valuable than ever before.

Jayne Buck
VP Tourism Marketing VISIT DENVER

Thank you for all of your great support for RMI and RMHTours in Italy. You are, indeed, a great asset to us all in this important market.
Gary J. Schluter –
former GM / Owner
Rocky Mountain Holiday Tours LLC


Thema Nuovi Mondi since years is best known in the Italian tourism world as professional, loyal and passionate partner and talking on behalf of Lufthansa Italy I can only confirm and underline the agency’s business orientation and extraordinary relationship built up with Lufthansa and the Italian travel community.
Lufthansa since years is relating to Thema as specialist for promotion to US and many interesting and creative projects as well for the Business as for the Leisure segments have been executed with success resulting in concrete and measurable return from the market.
The partnership with Thema and its very professional owner Mrs. Olga Mazzoni is based on loyalty, trust and the steady research to be innovative and active in the market in order to grant max payoff of investments.
The Italian markets needs motivated and serious promoters and “communicators” who stand aside the airline and agent community and with Thema this objective is largely fulfilled.

Marion Bozzoli-Hangl
former Leisure Sales Manager Italy for product Lufthansa and SWISS
Lufthansa German Airlines


Olga Mazzoni is a well known manager highly appreciated by the entire travel market. We know Olga since years and we confirm our best appreciation in working with her and her company Thema Nuovi Mondi, since 2005. The staff of Thema Nuovi Mondi is very professional, expert, skilled, duly prepared in order to understand market trends and requirements, transform quickly dreams into projects and actions, and thanks to the right understanding, render the expected services to us (often with beautiful unexpected results). It is really a pleasure to work with a Company that is so committed to meet the needs of the customer and give a very positive image all together. We are looking forward to going business and improving/developing our cooperation with Thema Nuovi Mondi for the future.

Michele Cerruti, MD
Gastaldi 1860

My company has been working with Thema Nuovi Mondi for several years and I wish hereby to declare that on all occasions the organization proved to be composed of skilled professionals who really love their job and always do their utmost in order to help us, tour operators, to carry on our activity in the best possible way. I have personally tested the way Thema takes care of each single detail of their work with competence, self control and smiling. All this, added to their great personal knowledge of the products they deal with, and to their flexible approach to the market, has led Thema Nuovi Mondi to be, in my opinion, a real benchmark in the promotion of the areas they represent. Last, but not least, I think that their seriousness and capability to establish fruitful  business relationships, has surely contributed to the present results achieved by North America as a main tourist destination on the Italian Market.

Dr. Franco Cesaretti
General Manager


Thanks to Thema Nuovi Mondi during my career in the last 20 years of my media activity, I have visited United States and Caribbean in several distinguished trips, in different seasons, and with different commitment for various Italian media, printed and web. I have therefore been able throughout the assistance and expertise of Thema to discover hidden gems of the various destinations, meet unbelievable people, get acquainted with lifestyle, food, and gracious hospitality. Have gained a different perspective of north America, and have learned that in small places you can find the greatest things. Having had and constantly having to deal with a wide array of Foreign Destination Tourism Board offices, I must admit that I would have never been able to experience and accomplish the same level of things the way I could thanks to Thema Nuovi Mondi and its Tourism Board Office Clients!

Lucio Rossi,
Editor in Chief
Latitudes – Travel Web Magazine

In 10 years of collaboration I have always found Thema and its founder and soul Olga Mazzoni , the best a communication professional may contact to get in touch with tourism realities. To “contact” mean not only and not so much basic information that are now available through many channels, but especially the knowledge of DNA on service of a tourist destination , its history , its appeal to the Italian user . Even the history, culture , customs , current affairs, science have always been mastered by Team Thema Nuovi Mondi and turned into valuable suggestions. As a journalist , with a career as a director and head of magazines and today as a freelance and editorial consultant , I add an important observation : often the press offices and PR agencies in the understandable aim to better perform their work , use an approach that would call arrogant and overbearing. With Thema has never been so. Support timely and accurate and the right amount of proactivity have always had the tone and the stimulus of the proposal and never of the unbearable insistence. If I had the responsibility of a destination or if I’ d be  driving a company in this industry, Thema,  trust me, would have  my PR !

Marco Berchi
Giornalista indipendente
Consulente Editoriale Settore Turismo

I know and I’ve been cooperating with Olga Mazzoni since the Eighties when I used to work for the weekly magazine Panorama published by Mondadori. I’ve been continuing to cooperate with her during the Nineties and till 2010 when I was Responsible Director for the monthly magazine Gente Viaggi by Hachette.

Our professional cooperation still goes on with mutual satisfaction even now that I’m the director of Touring monthly magazine published by Touring Club Italiano and the Italian edition of National Geographic Traveller. Main goal of our professional relation has always been the common effort to promote and inform readers about destinations, states, tourism boards Olga represented/represents in Italy. I sincerely have to maintain with great pleasure that the different experiences we finalized: from press trips to the creation of editorials/reportages, from photo shows to editorial initiatives (such as for example a book and a photo exposition dedicated to Jack Kerouac and Ernest Hemingway) were extremely positive and successful. In my opinion, her theoretical, conceptual contribution as well as pratical has always been crucial in the realization of goals and projects. This has been possible not only for her tough capability to face inevitable obstacles, but also and especially in the originality of the solutions proposed and generally speaking in the freedom of thought.  I truly can maintain that Olga Mazzoni during the various years of her career, was able to absorb – thanks to her International contacts – the best part of the Anglo-Saxon culture, preserving at the same time, a deep European humanistic education. All the initiatives we are planning in the present and in the future, let me say that Touring Club and Touring Magazine will continue to cooperate with great satisfaction with Olga Mazzoni and Thema Nuovi Mondi.

Silvestro Serra
Responsible Director of Touring Magazine